• Speech
    Thank you very much for choosing Golden Eagle products. Your trust in Golden Eagle products is our greatest honor. Over the past three decades, our Golden Eagle employees have worked tirelessly, continuously improved, and kept innovating. The ultimate goal is to satisfy our customers as much as possible. demand.

    Here, let me quote the words of Matsushita Electric Co. founder Kosuke Matsushita at the age of ninety: reviewing the life of change is not only the development process of a person and a company, but more importantly, a person ’s journey from ordinary to great. . Only at this end can there be integrity, endless innovation, and glorious win-win results. And this is exactly the values ​​of all Golden Eagle and Huaying people.
  • Jinying Mission
    Mission:  Committed to providing customers with excellent transmission parts
    Vision:     Become a leader in China's transmission parts industry
    Values:    Integrity, innovation, win-win
  • Company Profile
    xinchang County Jinying Gear Box Co.,Ltd. is a professional private enterprise with a history about 30 years, specialized in the manufacturing of gears, shafts, gear boxes, axles and chassis, which are widely used in engineering transmission gear boxes, agricultural machines, ships, textile machines, automobiles, diesel engines etc……